Temporary Staffing

With growing just-in-time need for on-demand skills and specialists for shorter duration and project-based requirements, Employers need the flexibility that Temporary or Contract Staffing provides. Nova HRO understands the challenges, the requirements, the employee-side, the anxieties and the dynamics of Temporary Staffing. The main objective of our Services in this area would be to

  • Offer a hard-to-beat Turnaround Time, up to onboarding
  • Offer premium skills on Staffing
  • Balance the interests of the Employer and subcontractor
  • Offer flexible pricing models
  • Create virtual benches in anticipation of projects
  • Free the Employer/ Project Team to focus on the delivery deadlines
  • Offer services across a wide spectrum of skill sets

Nova HRO offers Contract, Contract-to-Hire, Bench-deployment models and flexible pricing options to Employers.